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  • Here are some tips that will help to keep your vehicle in tip top shape and can save you some money.
  • The tires on your vehicle should have the air pressure of the tires checked regularly. An under inflated tire can cause a tire to be damaged and lead to a blowout while operating your vehicle. The correct air pressure for the tire can usually be found on the driver's door jam and in the vehicle owner's manual. The tire pressure listed on the tire is not the correct pressure. Properly inflated tires will last much longer and neglected tires will wear at a much faster rate. An under inflated tire that is inflated to the correct tire pressure will also give you better fuel mileage.
  • The coolant level on your vehicle should be checked monthly. The coolant level can usually be visually inspected at the plastic coolant reservoir. Look for a "High - Low" or "Min - Max" line on the reservoir. The coolant level should be between these lines. Add coolant if needed to bring the level within the lines. If the reservoir is empty, the radiator cap may need to be removed to add coolant to the radiator. "NEVER" remove the radiator cap when hot to check the coolant level. The best time to check the coolant level in the radiator is before it is started (like the first thing in the morning after the vehicle has been sitting all night) . If coolant is needed, use a mixture of 50 % coolant and 50 % water when adding.
  • Visually inspect the belts and hoses for cracks and look on the ground for any leaks that may be from your vehicle. This inspection will help to spot a potential problem before it can cause a breakdown, especially while on a trip. If the engine is cold, you can also squeeze the hoses to feel for soft spots. Soft spots on the hoses means the hose or hoses may need to be replaced. Coolant hoses normally deteriorate from the inside to the outside and this can cause a soft spot. This also can appear as a swelled hose that looks larger than it should be in size. The water rushing through the hoses wears out the rubber from the inside especially at curves and bends in the hoses. This can be the cause of the swelled hose.
  • In the summer months, try filling your fuel tank in the morning as you can get cooler gas from the under ground storage tanks. Buying fuel during the summer months in the mornings will save you money. The savings is slight. However, the better fuel mileage your vehicle gets, the greater the savings will be for you.
  • In the winter months, add winter type windshield washer solvent to aid in cleaning your windshield. Try using this type of solvent 30 days prior to the onset of cold weather as the reservoir for the windshield washer can have its old summer solution that may freeze.



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