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Our Monthly Service Specials:

Look at These Specials!!!   Affordable and Reliable Service Specials

Bright Red!

Yes... that's the color your transmission fluid should be.

Hot weather stresses your transmission fluid and gives it the burnt smell and brown looking color.
Burnt means the fluid needs to be changed.

We Power Flush the Transmission System
Including the torque converter and the transmission cooler.

Your fluid will be Bright Red again!

Only $109.95 ** / plus tax
** Most cars and light trucks. Some vehicles also use a different type of fluid and will be at a higher price.

Steering Wheel Jerking?

You can also hear Funny Noises in the Morning?

Does your Power Steering seem to have that dreaded "Morning Sickness"?

A Power Flush of your power steering system can restore that lost feeling.

We flush the complete system and install new power steering fluid.

Only $79.95plus tax


Our Best Special is .....

Our "Neighborhood Service Special"

"Wanna Be Really Nice to your Automobile?"
Get one of our

Neighborhood Special Auto Service $aver$!

The Neighborhood Special is a neat little blue folder coupon book that fits into your pocket, purse or glove compartment. More importantly, it contains easy to use coupons for a variety of all your usual vehicle maintenance services.  You know, the stuff you always have good intentions of getting to "Next Week!"

You Get a $455.00 value of preventive maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, wheel alignment, wheel balance, tune-up

Plus a whole lot more!

For a price of only $59.95, you can instantly wash away all of your
"Good Intentions"
for the next full year.  Call us for details

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