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The Reason "Things Have Changed" !
Things have changed and for the better! The engine tune-up's as we knew them in the old days are gone. Modern day vehicles are built better and use parts that do not wear out as often as they did in the past. With less moving parts, your vehicle lasts longer and needs less parts. The last ten years have seen distributor caps and rotors disappear. Points and condensers were gone years ago. Gasoline has been made better so ash and lead deposits do not contaminate the spark plugs as in past years.

You are now entering the so called "100,000 Mile Tune-up Zone". Many vehicle manufacturers now advertise 100,000 mile tune-ups and that leads you to believe that this is the first and only maintenance that your vehicle needs. The truth is that most vehicles will need the air, fuel and transmission filters replaced several times before your vehicle ever gets to this 100,000 mile marker. Fuel injectors will get dirty. Intake valves can get a heavy deposit build up on the back side of the valves. Heat and oil can degrade your vehicles spark plug wires and that can cause an ignition miss fire that can make the "Check Engine or Service Soon Light" to come on.

Here are some maintenance service packages we offer to help make your vehicle run better and last longer.
Maintenance Service Specials:
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Tune-up Special
Check out our basic tune-up special.

Click on this to see how we can clean your vehicle's fuel injectors and also clean your intake valves at the same time.
Check this if your "Check Engine" or "Service Soon" light is on or you have other types of problems with the performance of your  vehicle. Transmission, engine, air conditioner and some ABS problems can make this light come on.

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