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Transmission Power Flush
Burnt smelling and brown colored transmission fluid are the telltale signs that the transmission in your vehicle needs our Transmission Power Flush.
 Key Benefits

  • Our transmission power flush removes all of the old transmission fluid from the transmission including its oil cooler and torque converter.
  • You get a bright red fluid,  just like it was when it was new.
  • Improves the conditions of the seals and helps restores the smooth operation of the transmission.

Services Available
We power flush your vehicle's transmission using
Wynn's Transmission Power Flush Machine and Chemicals to restore your transmission fluid to its bright red color. Below are some of the transmission services that  we offer.

Service #1
This is our best packaged service. We power flush the transmission and change the transmission's filter. The price  for this  service is only   $159.95 ** (plus cost of the filter and tax) and includes up to 10 quarts of transmission fluid.
Service #2
We power flush the transmission. We recommend this service when the transmission filter does not need to be changed. The price for this is $109.95 ** (plus tax) and includes up to 10 quarts of transmission

 ** Most cars and light trucks. Some vehicles also use a different type of fluid and will be at a higher price. Please call or email us for detailed information.


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