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flashing check engine light

This is the sign that something is not quite right with your engine or the power train of your vehicle. Sometimes the light can be on and your vehicle will seem like it is running ok. Ignoring this light can give your vehicle that sick car feeling.

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a tired car

Performing preventive maintenance on your vehicle can help to prevent this. However, many things can cause this light to illuminate. To find out why the light is on, there needs to be a diagnostic of your vehicle's computer system. There are several type of tools that can be used to do this with the least costly being a code scanner tool. A scanner will read out a code stored in the vehicle's computer. This will identify the circuit or circuits that are not performing correctly.

More expensive tools must be used to properly diagnose the failed circuits. These tools can read each vehicle sensor that are used as input signals to the vehicle's computer. The tools can also be used to control the output circuits of this computer. Once repaired, the tools can be used to verified the proper control of the engine's computer controlled components.

A proper engine diagnose and engine repair will change your vehicle back to that happy feeling again.


a happy car

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